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Not only is there a story in every picture, but there’s also a picture for every story. Our Image Bank contains high-resolution images and high-definition video from every region of British Columbia, all available to media at no charge.

These assets may be used to accompany travel editorial about British Columbia in magazines, newspapers, broadcasts or online. They are also available to the tourism industry for use in materials such as print advertising, websites, presentations and brochures that promote tourism in BC. You may register on our online image bank at

Below is a small sample of the images available. These images may not be used for any merchandising or retailing purposes, placed on any item for resale, used in any BC travel guidebook or BC travel information website not produced in partnership with Destination BC or applied to promote any product or service not related to travel to and within British Columbia.


我们的品牌是 Super, Natural British Columbia (超凡,自然的不列颠哥伦比亚省)。

从无尽海洋到群峰指向的天空,从丰饶的野生生态到位于狂野自然边缘的城市,我们是一个被大自然雕琢刻蚀而成的省份。大地母亲眷顾我们成长,形成我们的历 史,我们的文化,并深深影响着到访此地的人们。这里壮美的自然令人深感其心灵与狂野自然是相通相连的。不列颠哥伦比亚省真实而独特的大自然带出了这片土地 上生活着的人们和到访者心灵深处真实的自己,就是“狂野自然,尽在内心”(Wild at Heart)。


请登陆 查找图片和视频。这些图片和视频不可以用于零售,也不可以用于出版非不列颠哥伦比亚省旅游局合作的旅游指南。具体请查看图片库使用指南。

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